Opedix sports gear is dedicated to developing revolutionary apparel and gear that affect human physiology and motion so the body performs efficiently with less wear & tear. Now companies make performance claims all the time they can't really back up. Opedix is different. All of our products' DNA stems directly from the medical and scientific world. That's where they are born, developed and then tested using strict clinical research protocols. Real Science. Real Evidence. Real Results. That's Opedix.


When skiing, boarding or running, forces travel through the feet and up to the knees. These forces can push the knee joint to the outside creating wear points on the inside of the joint where most of the "load" is borne. The Opedix Knee Support System acts to counter these forces and reduce the load.

Our Un-Loading Technology

Ingrained in Opedix S1's DNA are principals of traditional un-loader knee-bracing theory which reduces the knee-adductor moment to reduce medial knee-compartment load - a combination of muscle, ligament, and ground-reaction forces which significantly, and often detrimentally, increases in magnitude during physical activities. This mechanical process is referred to by scientists as "unloading" the knee and is a established strategy for reducing pain, increasing physical function of the knee joint, and mitigating the progression of lower-extremity pathologies including osteoarthritis.