Kinetic Health and You

Your body's kinetic health is a measure of how well and efficiently it moves when challenged with injuries, fatigue, fluctuating fitness levels, aging or changes in athletic activity levels. By properly supporting the motion of the joints, function is improved while preserving the health of our moving body.

Kinetic Health Overview

Your body is comprised of many joints that are connected structurally and functionally in a kinetic chain. Most of the joints in your body have a certain three-dimensional range of motion, and the concurrent motion of many joints produces a movement. A previous musculoskeletal injury, muscular fatigue or poor form during practice distorts the information recorded in the brain that stores how to move optimally. When the body does not move optimally, athletic performance is reduced, the rate of muscle fatigue is increased and the body is exposed to unnecessary stress that causes the progressive destruction of your joints. Opedix uses the term Kinetic Health to depict the relationship between the quality of movement and joint function, and describes how the design of their products forms a new comprehensive approach to solving movement-based problems for exercise or rehabilitation.