Kinetics and Skiing

Kinetics are the forces that move us. They come from within our bodies and from the outside world, and are not always in harmony. Our performance task when skiing is to create just the right forces to precisely counter every turn, bump, jump or rail. Fatigue, injury or less than perfect technique are working against us. A mismatch of forces exposes your body to excessive stress that accumulates over time resulting in joint injury, pain, stiffness and ultimately, joint destruction. Opedix has developed scientifically proven technology that can help. For a thorough review, watch Skiing and Opedix to see the technology in action.

Clinical study findings: Reduced fatigue and knee pain »

Opedix Knee-Tec Tights

Opedix KNEE-Tec™ technology is a scientifically designed tensioning system within a comfortable form-fitting base layer to enhance the kinetic functioning of your body. Working like a muscle, the scientific design uses a combination of fabric tensions to automatically direct the body's inside forces and reconnect the joints to harmoniously function in a kinetic chain.