Our customers’ words speak volumes. Far better than we ever could.



“Wearing the ski tights gives your knees extra stability along with increased mental confidence. The Posture Shirt helps me to get out of the “starting gate” ahead of my competition. Increased strength and correct alignment are huge advantages in performance.” Chris Del Bosco, Canadian National Ski Cross Team, Ranked #2 in the FIS World Cup rankings, 2010 Olympic Athlete



“I appreciate the extra support and warmth that the Opedix tights give me when I am climbing, running and mountaineering. My legs feel less fatigued when I wear them to train.” Ellen Miller, Mount Everest Summit Twice, Himalayan Climber



“The most exciting benefit I’ve found is the R1’s unique ability to increase speed, as well as increasing power output in my athletes. Speed and Power are dependent upon muscle timing, and proper joint alignment. My athletes look great in the R1, it keeps them in proper alignment, reduces stress on their knees and they just flat run faster and that’s the bottom line!” Coach Fred Harvey, Director of Track & Field and Cross Country at the University of Arizona



“I am very pleased with the product and plan on using them for the rest of my skiing career. It gives me extra confidence on the mental side and have skied better than ever on the physical side!" Nate Roberts - World Cup Champion, 2010 Olympics Qualifier



“Opedix really takes loads off my knees. After a full day out on the slopes, skiers really feel a beneficial difference. My legs even feel ‘springy’ when I take off my boots.” Randy “Chief” Nelstead, Ski Instructor



"I absolutely love the running tights. As an elite ultra runner, I am happy to have any added advantage as the long miles of training and racing add up. The Opedix tights give added knee support so my knees feel protected and stable. They also give my IT band extra support. I am able to run longer and faster with greater comfort." Anita Ortiz, Top US Snowshoe Racer and Professional Runner



"As a professional instructor at Deer Valley, there are periods where I have to ski for 21 days straight. In my advancing years, I find this more and more difficult, especially with osteoarthritis in one knee. I didn't think I would be able to make it through another long stint until I discovered the Opedix tights. Not only does it help with my hips and knees, but it compresses the muscles and holds the IT band in such a way that me legs are less fatigued from the moment I put them on until the moment I take them off.” Renee Targosz, Professional Ski Instructor




“I love my Opedix! I wish I never had to take them off, but I do to wash them! I’ve also seen a difference in my athletic performance. My ollies are way higher now. This is going to be a great season for me and I am so glad Opedix can be a part of it.” Michelle “Meesh” Hytner, Professional Snow Boarder




“I wear Opedix so that my knees won’t hurt!” Marinda S., Jogger and Dental Hygenist



“I absolutely love my Opedix S1 tights! I believe I will need to start wearing them to teach third grade since I was more sore from working than skiing the trees of Smugglers Notch. I am sharing my feelings about your product and your customer service to my fellow ski patrollers. Wonderful!” Cindy Bensel, Member of the National Ski Patrol



“I wear these products daily for my fitness training and they have made a significant difference in my workouts and athletic performance.” Drew Wahlin, Lifetime skiing advocate and Winner of Squaw Valley Hot Dog Contest, 1970