Real Science. Real Evidence. Real Results. That's Opedix.

Our patented Load Distribution Technology was developed with world-renowned orthopedic research scientists and medical professionals. No other garment in the world utilizes this breakthrough technology that so positively affects your body in motion.

Opedix tights and compression gear are both supportive and very comfortable to wear while employing some of the same principles of traditional un-loader knee-bracing systems as well as some new ones. In technical terms, the patented Load Distribution Technology helps guide proper motion by resisting unwanted lateral motion towards the midline (knee valgus or abduction) and outward motion away from the midline (knee varus or adduction). The result is a reduction in both medial and lateral knee-compartment loading. The scientific and medical communities refer to this as "unloading" the knee, and it is an established strategy for reducing knee pain while running, increasing physical function of the knee joint, and mitigating the progression of lower-extremity pathologies including osteoarthritis.

The results don't lie:

  • 16% Decrease in Destructive Knee Forces
  • 32% Reduction in Quadricep Fatigue
  • 21% Decrease in Detrimental Side-to-Side Motion
  • 38% Reduction in Knee Pain During High Demand Knee Action Sports
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