At Our Core

Opedix produces scientifically engineered apparel designed to activate your movement system, also known as your kinetic chain. Incorporated into garments designed for training, rehab and everyday pursuits, our patented technology promotes dynamic alignment and optimal joint function - allowing you to do the activities you love longer, better, and with less pain and fatigue. We call it Kinetic Health Gear. And it powers the way you move.

Opedix Kinetic Health Gear helps people:

  • Reduce wear and tear on joints
  • Recover from injury
  • Increase endurance, decrease rate of fatigue
  • Get relief from every day pain
  • Improve performance
  • Achieve long-term health benefits


Opedix Torque Reform Technology™ is the scientific answer to improved kinetic health. Our patented technology is incorporated into high-performance apparel to help you keep your body dynamically aligned–and you performing at your peak.

The Life Cycle of Movement

By redirecting external forces and increasing sensory input, Opedix Technology triggers a sequence of neuromechanical events that activate your kinetic chain. It’s a training cycle that compounds over time as your body adapts to changes in mechanical and sensory input. It’s a cycle with a lifetime of benefits.


The Appliation of TRT

blade-tec™ shirts

Scapular alignment and shoulder function are critical to achieving optimal posture and maximizing range of motion and joint stability. Opedix TRT provides scapular support and promotes enhanced sensory input to correct muscular imbalances-improving performance, enhancing posture and reducing pain.

knee-tec™ tights

The dynamic alignment and function of your knee are at the mercy of its neighboring joints. Opedix TRT™ promotes optimal function and reduces stress and pain by redirecting and balancing the twisting forces delivered to the knee by the hip and ankle.


core-tec™ shorts

The upper and lower body connect at your hips forming the critical link in your kinetic chain. Opedix TRT™ balances the tilting and twisting of the pelvis, promoting optimal core function. We call this a neutral pelvis. It is an essential component of the kinetic chain and with proper alignment, stress and pain in the hips and lower back is dramatically reduced.


Opedix helps to restore my body's kinetic health while I'm subjecting it to days on end of tough landings and long days in ski boots. They work great under long underwear and feel like a second skin.

- Hadley Hammer - Professional Skier

How It Works

Dynamic Alignment is the intersection of the body’s mechanical and sensory functions. To enhance mechanical function, our technology redirects the body’s external forces, resulting in improved joint mobility. Simultaneously, it facilitates neuromuscular activity, providing improved sensory function for finely tuned motion control, or stability. When these two occur in tandem, the kinetic chain is activated and dynamic alignment is enhanced. What does this mean for you? Improved efficiency, balance, power, and ultimately, performance.

Why it Matters

Acting like an external muscular system, Opedix Tights and Shorts are designed to power the way you move.

  • Improve muscle coordination
  • Maximize joint function
  • Optimize muscle function
  • Promote dynamic alignment
  • Minimize stress
  • Increase sensory input