Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Experience Triathlon - Our Kinetic Chain: Putting It To Work For Better Performance!


[This article focuses on the kinetic chain in relation to triathletes, but the tips for rehabing and avoiding injury are useful for all athletes. – The Opedix Editors]

Picture your body from toe to head. Wiggle your toes. Flex your ankle. Bend your knee. Flex your hip. Bend forward. Twist from side to side. Raise your arms up. Lift your arms to the side. Bend your elbows. Flex your wrists. Wiggle your fingers. Lean your head from side to side, and front to back. Simon says: Good job! (Just kidding!)

You’ve just activated all the various joints in your body that are working in tandem whenever we are swimming, biking, or running. And guess what? A weakness or imbalance in any of those joints will eventually lead to injury, or diminished performance. This is kind of a big deal. Actually, scratch that. That is a HUGE deal.

The reason I’m bringing this up, is that very few of us have been blessed with a flawless kinetic chain. And unless you’ve been sidelined due to an injury, and gone through several Physical Therapy sessions to get back into the game, you may not even know this concept is something to think about.

So, here’s what it boils down to. When push comes to shove, and fatigue starts to set in, our bodies can truly only perform as strong as our weakest link (or joint, or muscle group.)

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