Monday, January 26th, 2015

Competitor: Gear we Love January 2015

Author: Jason Devaney

Competitor editor Jason Devaney recently slipped into a pair of Opedix for the magazine's "Gear We Love" and here's what he found.

"Relentlessly testing and wearing the latest shoes, gear and apparel is part of our job here at Competitor. But in the last month, our team found the following items have stood out from the rest. Here are our editors’ picks for January.

These (Opedix Knee-Tec 3/4 Length Tights) are designed to help your joints move properly by keeping your body’s kinetic chain aligned and working as it should. These tights simply feel great. And they’re not just for running; the company touts them as a good base layer for skiing, or you can wear them at home after a workout. —Jason Devaney, associate web editor. ($180,"

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