Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Golf Digest Asks: Can Opedix Make You a Better Golfer?

AUTHOR: John Strege

Can you improve your golf game simply by using Opedix? That’s the question John Strege of Golf Digest recently asked in a conversation with Opedix’s head research scientist, Dr. Michael Decker. 

"Several reports are coming in stating that not only is their game better, but the pain and/or fatigue in the hip-pelvis-low back is extremely reduced or completely removed when golfing with the shorts," Dr. Michael Decker, Senior Research Scientist in Biomechanics at the University of Denver, wrote in an email.

"The benefit of wearing the shorts to reduce fatigue and/or pain, in my opinion, may be enough to promote golf performance which as we all know would lead to a more enjoyable round and more frequent visits back to the course."

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