Friday, September 19th, 2014 Reviews Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts

AUTHOR: Meghan Hicks, the source for all things trail and ultramarathon running, gave a pair of Opedix CORE-Tec Shorts to contributor Meghan Hicks and sent her running. After a summer of running, racing and fastpacking in the the shorts, Meghan returned with her verdict: “totally stoked."

“I dig these shorts because I believe they help me with a couple minor biomechanical hitches in my giddy-up. When my body grows tired during a long run or race, my pelvis tends to start tilting anterior-ly, just a little. I haven’t been tested by a PT to determine which muscle groups are the cause of this, but my guess based upon what I’m feeling on the run is that my deep, lower abdominals fatigue earlier than other muscles, leading to this tilt. And, for as long as I can remember, my left glute medius has never quite been as strong as the right (even though I work on its strength and mobility)."

"When I get tired, I can feel torsion develop in my pelvis as other muscles start firing on the left side to “cover” the left glute medius’ slacking behavior. In testing the CORE-Tec short, I’ve found that I can consciously keep my lower abdominals active for longer before they fatigue. And, I haven’t encountered a run yet where my pelvis starts to lapse into torsion due to gluteal medius misbehavior. That is, the shorts seem to bear enough of the stability burden that I can maintain good mechanics for longer.”

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