Monday, December 10th, 2018

Knee Injury Risk and Risk Reduction of Ski Instructors (Technical Report)

Author: Decker, M, Shelburne, K and Davidson, B.

Ski Injury Research

Summary by: Opedix

Assuming a risk of injury goes with the territory for active skiers, and reducing that risk is a worthy goal both for the industry at large and the individual recreational skier.

The University of Denver was commissioned in 2016 by a prominent, ski-related corporation to lead a 2-year scientific research study for the expressed purpose of determining the influence of the Opedix tights (and one other company’s novel ski binding) on injury risk in professional ski instructors. The study was conducted under the rigors of accepted scientific research methodology and is backed by the reputation of a prominent university.

Opedix highlights from the report

  • Opedix tights (“OPX” condition) reduced the overall injury rate by 78%.
  • There were zero (0) knee injuries in OPX.
  • OPX improved PRO (Participant Reported Outcome) variables across all quintiles.
  • OPX projected to prevent one (1) body injury for every seven (7) employees.
  • OPX projected to prevent one (1) knee injury for every (12) employees.
  • OPX dramatically reduced the risk of knee pain.
  • OPX dramatically reduced the risk of lower back pain.

The full report from The University of Denver is available here:  "Knee Injury Risk and Risk Reduction of Professional Ski Instructors"