Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Skiing in Opedix Tights Shown to Improve Muscle Activity and Reduce Fatigue

Author: John G. Seifert, Heidi Nunnikhoven, Ronald W. Kipp, Michael Decker

The Influence of Directional Compression Tights on Muscle Function During Three Consecutive Days of Alpine Skiing

Fatigue can lead to poor skiing performance and increases the risk for injuries. As fatigue progresses, there is a shift from co-loading of legs to predominately loading of the outside leg (KrÓ§ll et al., 2011). It has been proposed that compression apparel attenuates fatigue related changes in motor unit recruitment (Wang et al., 2016). Previous research demonstrated that directional compression tights (DCT) resulted in improved muscle activity and skiing distance over a no tights (NT) condition during one day of alpine skiing (Snyder et al, 2018). However, the question is posed as to how DCT would influence skiing over multiple days. The purpose of this study was to compare performance and muscle activity responses of expert skiers during multiple days of skiing when wearing DCT and NT. 

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