Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Triathlete - Take Care Of Your Kinetic Chain


[Commit to strengthening your kinetic chain this off-season with these tips from Triathlete Magazine to stay injury free year round. - The Opedix Editors]

As runners and triathletes come hobbling into my office on a daily basis, I am increasingly adamant about one issue: If you’re an endurance athlete, you have to take care of your kinetic chain, the muscle-tendon layer that supports all your bones and ligaments.

When you land while running, the force is approximately six times the force of walking. This loading force comes up through the foot, across the knee and into the hips and the back. The kinetic chain lessens the load on the skeleton. The stronger the chain, the less the skeletal load. Several studies have shown significant reduction in joint- and bone-loading force based on kinetic chain strength.

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