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The Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score, otherwise known as the KOOS, is a standardized questionnaire that assesses your opinion about your knee and any associated problems. The KOOS provides a score that represents the current Kinetic Health of your knees that ranges from 0 to 100, where a score of 100 represents the healthiest score possible. This score will be provided upon completion of the questions below, which you can compare with average scores for your sex and age range. You may track the Kinetic Health of your knees over time by repeating this questionnaire over weeks, months, or years.


This questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete and asks for your view about your knee. The information will help keep track of how you feel about your knee and how well you are able to perform your usual activities. Answer every question by ticking the appropriate box, only one box for each question. If you are unsure about how to answer a question, please give the best answer you can.


What is your sex?

What is your age range in years?


These questions should be answered thinking of your knee symptoms during the last week.

Do you have swelling in your knee?

Do you feel grinding, hear clicking or any other type of noise when your knee moves?

Does your knee catch or hang up when moving?

Can you straighten your knee fully?

Can you bend your knee fully?


The following questions concern the amount of joint stiffness you have experienced during the last week in your knee. Stiffness is a sensation of restriction or slowness in the ease with which you move your knee joint.

How severe is your knee joint stiffness after first wakening in the morning?

How severe is your knee stiffness after sitting, lying or resting later in the day?


Think about the pain you felt during last week. How much pain have you had...

How often do you experience knee pain?

Twisting/pivoting your knee

Straightening knee fully

Bending knee fully

Walking on a flat surface

Going up or down stairs

At night while in bed

Sitting or lying down

Standing upright

Function, Daily Living

Think about the difficulty you had in doing the following daily physical activities during the last week due to your knee. By this we mean your ability to move around and take of yourself.

How much difficulty have you had...

When going down the stairs?

When going up the stairs?

When getting up from a sitting position?

While standing?

When bending to floor?

When walking on flat surface?

When getting in or out of a car, or getting on or off the bus?

While going shopping?

When you putting on your socks or pantyhose or stockings?

When getting out of bed?

When taking off your socks or pantyhose or stockings?

While lying in bed?

When getting in or out of the bathtub?

While sitting?

When getting on or off the toilet?

While doing heavy household chores?

When doing light household chores?

Function, Sports and Recreational Activities

The following questions concern your physical function when being active on a higher level. The questions should be answered thinking of what degree of difficulty you have experienced during the last week due to your knee.

How much difficulty have you had...




Twisting/pivoting on your injured knee


Quality of Life

How often are you aware of your knee problem?

Have you modified your life style to avoid potentially damaging activities to your knee?

How much are you troubled with lack of confidence in your knee?

In general, how much difficulty do you have with your knee?

Terms of Use

This questionnaire is for your self-evaluation only. The results are generated automatically based on standardized scoring procedures set forth by the creators of the KOOS. Although this questionnaire can be used to provide information about your knee and help guide the consultation with a medical professional it is not intended, nor should it be considered a substitute for, professional medical advice. Do not use the information from this questionnaire for diagnosing or treating any medical or health condition. If you have or suspect you have a medical problem, promptly contact your professional healthcare provider.

Privacy Policy

By filling out this self-evaluation questionnaire, you are not being added to any lists to receive any future mailing or correspondence and your personal information is not stored, collected or provided to any outside parties.

By clicking "Get Score", you agree to the Terms of Use for this questionnaire.


The Kinetic Health score for your knee is on a scale that ranges from 0 to 100, where a score of 100 represents the healthiest, or best, score possible.

Your Kinetic Health Score:

Your Kinetic Health score is derived from 5 subscales. Knee-specific complaints of pain and your symptoms are the first two scores presented below. The impact of your knee-specific complaints on your function in daily living, function in sport and recreation and knee-related quality of life are the final three scores. Each one these subscales are scored identical to your Kinetic Health score above where a score of 100 is the best possible score.



Function in Daily Living (ADL):

Function in Sport and Recreation (Sport and Rec):

Knee-Related Quality of Life (QOL):

Self-reported knee complaints and the associated effects on function vary with sex and age. Your results are plotted on the graph below (Red) along with the average values specific to your sex and age-range (Orange). Visually compare your scores against the mean scores of your peers. If your score on any subscale is below the range of scores provided then your Kinetic Health is lower than your age and sex matched peers whereas if your range of scores is higher than your Kinetic Health is higher than your age and sex matched peers. Interventions to improve your Kinetic Health include exercise, strength training, surgery, joint support devices, diet and many other possibilities. We encourage you to print your Kinetic Health scores, re-take this test at a later date and track your scores to see if you can improve your Kinetic Health.

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