Run Better

Opedix Torque Reform Technology™ was designed to activate the body’s kinetic chain, improving the motion and control of your joints while running. When your joints all work harmoniously, your body’s dynamic alignment and overall movement are dramatically improved. When you do not move optimally, athletic performance is reduced, the rate of muscle fatigue is increased, and your body is exposed to unnecessary stresses that cause the progressive destruction of your joints.

Developed in partnership with renowned orthopedic surgeons and biomechanical scientists, our technology optimizes the way you move across the full spectrum: training, performance, prevention and recovery. Research demonstrating that alignment improved 26% and knee joint loading was reduced 16% in runners who wore Opedix tights with Torque Reform Technology™ supports the testimonials of many athletes who reported improved performance, reduced fatigue and faster recovery, among other benefits.

By promoting optimal movement patterns and joint function, Opedix KNEE-Tec and DUAL-Tec 2.0 tights allow you to run longer, better, and with less pain and fatigue.

Steadman Phillipon Research Institute Highlights and Testimonials

  • Improved alignment 26%
    — increases efficiency, reduces muscle fatigue, improves performance & recovery
  • Knee joint loading reduced 16%
    reduces wear & tear, and unnecessary stress on your knee
  • Having run for the past 6 years I’ve always struggled with hip and lower back pain. I’ve tried everything to help relieve or eliminate the pain. However, after countless shoes, insoles, tapping, compression I couldn’t find anything that would relieve the pain, that is, until I found Opedix!
     Ryan Light  (
  • I very much appreciate the extra support during long or hard workouts. I do notice that my legs feel better after harder efforts when using these products versus standard, non-supportive apparel.